House Cookware is an online store of cookware, kitchen utensils and tools.

This is exactly the place that will help you equip the kitchen in a private apartment or house, restaurant, bar or hotel in the best possible way

The range of dishes


If the theater begins with a coat rack, then any public institution begins with a kitchen. After all, it is absolutely impossible to prepare a real culinary masterpiece without high-quality equipment. Without the right professional tools, the best products, even the most expensive and refined ones, can be spoiled.

Cookware for cooking, which you can buy in our store, is very diverse. In addition to containers for boiling, frying, baking, there are electric machines that can easily make the right amount of food, make aromatic coffee, grind meat into minced meat, and squeeze fresh fruit. Professional accessories and devices should be at hand in the kitchen of a bar or restaurant. Kitchen equipment for home use may not be so expensive, but it must be of high quality.

The online cookware store House Cookware is a place where you can buy everything you need. We offer a wide range of products from well-known brands. More than three dozen world-renowned manufacturers present their amazing products. The “Budynok Posudu” store has 100% original products, so they are very, very high quality. It is easy to use and unpretentious in care, durable, resistant to wear, mechanical and other damage. Most of the products can be washed in the dishwasher using conventional detergents, which saves time and effort. All silicone and plastic products on sale are made of safe materials intended for use with food.

House Cookware is a store for everyone. You can buy tableware in bulk from us, as we offer economically reasonable prices. A wide variety of products and competent advice makes it easy to choose. And the branded packaging allows you to present a chic gift to people who care. Our regular promotions and sales will help you save money.

House Cookware is happy to see every visitor and strives to meet their needs as much as possible. See for yourself by placing an order on our website.